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Workshop – Easy blogging for your business with Jo Middleton – it works!

Jo Middleton

Jo Middleton

When you start your own business there are loads of things to think about. A business plan, marketing, getting cards and flyers printed, adverts in the local press, a website…. And then of course you actually have to earn some money!

But then you get yourself set up, and you start seeing opportunities to cast your net a little wider. You are becoming an expert in your field, or have a unique position in the local market and see an opportunity to sell yourself to a wider audience. But how??

Have you ever thought about adding a blog to your website, or setting up a separate blog page? You might have a news page on your site already, but don’t really know how to make best to use of it. How about using it as a regular blog?

Blogging can be great fun, and a really good way to establish yourself as a ‘go to’ person in your business sector. It takes a little bit of work, and commitment, but it can really bring out a creative side you didn’t know you had. You don’t have to write long pieces – just keep up to date with news in your field and make sure everyone sees you know your stuff.

A friend of Cornerstone, Jo Middleton (herself an award winning blogger and social media marketing expert) is offering a morning workshop in Taunton on 29th October 2015, to ” help you come up with a whole host of creative ideas for blog posts, help you understand blog structure and teach you about what makes a compelling headline.”

It is all about finding out what makes your audience and customer tick and ways to get your message out there and Jo has a wealth of experience to offer on the subject. It isn’t a technical morning, it is all about the message and generating ideas for good content that can also help your website up the rankings.

So take a look at Jo’s website over at Slummysinglemummy for full details. You don’t have to be a great writer and blogs are a cheap and effective ways for small businesses to get themselves noticed.