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Success stories: Cornerstone Mentoring Client: Mark Sealey, Net Telecoms, Taunton

By February 29, 2016March 15th, 2019Testimonial

Net_Telecoms_logo_logo-04f9c5f4a89ae58ce7ed32fdd476f214In the next of our series of success stories, we hear from Mark Sealey, owner of Net Telecoms.

Net Telecoms was referred to Cornerstone by the Fredericks Foundation in October 2014.  Mark Sealey was supported by Neil, a Cornerstone mentor. Mark told us:

“One of the most significant issues I have faced and one that I would never under-estimate is the isolation I face as the owner of a small business; having no one to check ideas or compare notes with or generally seek advice and guidance from.

Neil has understood my dilemmas and proved to be excellent support in helping me steer a course through what were,at times, choppy waters. He has been able to get alongside the direction I want the business to go in and at times encourage me to ask questions of myself that I might not otherwise ask for fear of an unwanted answer.

Without a doubt progress is being made in the business and that unquestionably is in part due to Neil and Cornerstone. Without any partners in the business, Neil effectively provides me the opportunity to have a “partner’s” meeting albeit with a third party on a monthly basis. This has been invaluable.”

All our Cornerstone mentors are prepared to offer this support to start up and small businesses. Many face, as Mark did, real isolation. Somerset is a rural county and having an additional ear to bat ideas back and forth with can be vital in those first nervous months of trading. That is what mentoring is all about. The mentors, who are all volunteers, also find the whole process very rewarding.

If you would like to apply to be a Cornerstone mentor, or would like some business support, visit our website