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Social media for small business – some dos and don’ts!

By March 31, 2015March 15th, 2019Business, Business development, Social Media

download (8)Do you tweet? Are you on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?

More and more businesses are now engaging with social media to reach their customers and, perhaps, keep an eye on their competitors!

However, we have all heard horror stories of drunken tweets, offensive jokes and misunderstandings in 140 characters. How can a small business engage successfully and enhance (rather than damage) their business reputation? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Never tweet personal stuff on your business twitter account. It is easy to do, especailly if you are enjoying time out with colleagues and it feels like work. But a couple of glasses of wine can undo weeks of careful awareness raising…
  • Make sure you are using the right networks for your business. If it is very visual, you may find Instagram and Pinterest useful. A Facebook page can be used almost like a website to make people aware of events or stories of interest to your industry sector.
  • Make use of a platform like Hootsuite to keep an eye on all your accounts in one place. You can also schedule posts across more than one channel and prepare stories the night before if you find yourself with some spare time….
  • Use ‘analytics’ – the statistics available on each social media network – to see which posts get the most attention and at what time of day. There is no point being very active when all your potential customers are away from their timelines.
  • Make sure you do more than just post about yourself and your business and don’t just post about products. Accounts that engage and converse with other users are the most successful.
  • Offer snappy posts offering tips and real value to your followers. Share your experiences and respond to questions posted by others. Your name will soon get round….If you are already on twitter or Facebook do follow Cornerstone (@Cornersmentors on twitter) and let us know of any tips and tricks you have discovered to help raise your social media profile.