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Maintaining business focus

By November 6, 2014March 15th, 2019Business planning

Cornerstone and its predecessor programme has now mentored more than 50 start-up businesses in Somerset.

This has enabled us to identify the more common difficulties faced by the small business owner. Prominent among these is loss of focus. Out of anxiety to establish and grow the business, the owner often takes on too much and spreads him / herself too thinly, over a broad front.

They can find themselves bogged down by everyday details, with no time to take a step back to consider the business objectively. This can be the beginning of a downward spiral towards losing control of the business.

Working with an independent, objective business mentor can help to avert this danger. A scheduled meeting with a mentor is, in itself, a prompt to take time out to reflect on your business. The mentor will encourage you to examine what you are doing and compare it with your original business plan. Are you giving enough attention to the important things?

Every business owner, regardless of the size of the business, needs to regularly pause to consider the wider picture. A good business mentor will facilitate this.