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EU referendum vote may be close, an FSB report suggests…

By September 17, 2015March 15th, 2019Business, Economy, News

_85588721_82296ae2-00c1-4bf4-aab6-137cfb14321eWe hear a lot about the benefits of European Union membership to the business community, but how are Britain’s small business owners feeling about  the upcoming EU referendum?

A Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) report has just found that 47% of members would vote “yes” and stay in, and around 41% would vote to leave, so opinions are currently evenly split, and campaigners have everything to play for.

Only  50.5% of FSB members think that the UK’s existing EU membership was good for the economy as a whole, which is a much smaller majority than many would have expected, and is even more interesting when the response to the question ‘is it good for your business?’ suggested less than 35% of small businesses feel they are benefiting from membership.

Small businesses by their nature do not have to rely on the large employment pool offered by membership and those which relied on EU imports and exports were far more in favour of a “yes” vote. Those in Scotland, however, were much more positive about membership.

Both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ campaigns can see this report as an indication that the forthcoming referendum will go their way, and certainly the support of small businesses one way or the other is not guaranteed.

What do you think the EU means for your small business?

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