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Cornerstone welcomes new Administrator to the team

Suzie Grogan

Suzie Grogan

This week saw the appointment of Suzie Grogan as our first Administrator, working to support the Cornerstone team in the work they do with clients and mentors in the coming months. Suzie will also take on the Cornerstone social media strategy, managing twitter and Facebook accounts and posting regularly to this news page.

Suzie has a lot of experience working in economic and community development and has a post-grad Diploma in Business and Economic Research. She is now a freelance writer , researcher, administrator and social media manager, published regularly in national magazines and via her own successful blog. She has been commissioned to write four books for Pen & Sword History, the first of which was published in October 2014 and called Shell Shocked Britain: The First World War’s legacy for Britain’s mental health. She lives in Wellington, Somerset and has her own website at

Ensuring that clients and mentors have the help they need with paperwork, handling enquiries and keeping the electronic filing system up to date and secure will keep Suzie busy we are sure, but she will also be working with the team to promote the work Cornerstone does, attracting new mentors and clients. The intention is that Suzie becomes a central point of contact for Cornerstone, co-ordinating responses to queries efficiently to make sure volunteer mentors can concentrate on giving clients an efficient, independent, free-of-charge view of their business, helping them to grow.

One of the first things Suzie will be doing is promoting the Facebook and twitter pages, to build a local network from which we can hopefully draw new mentors and take on new clients accordingly. The next six months will be an exciting time for the organisation and we are thrilled to have Suzie on board.

Do get in touch with Suzie via email on, or through the Facebook page Keep the conversation going through the Cornerstone twitter feed – follow us @CornersMentors