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A Cornerstone testimonial – Brazier Coffee Roasters, Somerset

By May 23, 2016March 15th, 2019Testimonial

Brazier1testimonialWe are pleased to publish another testimonial and case history, this time from Claire at Brazier Coffee Roasters, supported by Cornerstone since 2015.  Braziers is an artisan coffee roasting company, focusing on high-altitude coffee producers. They select only ethically sourced green beans, which they then roast with the most up to date equipment. To find out more, check their website at

After coming across Cornerstone following a brief internet search, we were pleased to be offered a meeting within days with David, who spent some time getting to know our business and our needs, so that he could match us to a mentor.

Soon after that initial meeting, we had our first meeting with our mentor Gary, who we immediately got along with. He was eager to hear about our business journey to date, as well as our motivations and goals for the business. He helped us set some clear objectives based around those goals, and has been working with us to achieve them.

Having a mentor has given us a different perspective; very useful when you spend so much time in the business. It’s great to put aside the time to regularly meet with someone, discuss what’s been going well and not so well, and gain some clarity on how best to proceed.

He’s been very encouraging and has helped remind us that there is no great ‘secret’ to running a successful business- it’s just a matter of planning well, sticking to that plan and constantly reviewing what has and hasn’t been working.

He’s also helped us to realise that in these early start-up days we should concentrate on one thing at a time, do it well and then move on. Before meeting Gary we were trying to juggle too many things. He’s also been an enormous help with practical business advice such as managing cash flow and putting a risk management plan in place.

Cornerstone Mentoring has proved to be invaluable to us, and we’re grateful to Gary and the team for all the help we’ve received!

Our thanks to Claire for taking the time to write this testimonial for us. Find out more about Brazier Coffee Roasters see their website at