The role of the Mentor is to provide reassurance, to guide and to act as a ‘sounding board’ for the business owner.

A Business Mentor is not a consultant. He / she will not tell the business owner what to do. Rather, the Mentor will encourage and help the business owner to:

  • Examine the business objectively
  • Focus on the most important elements
  • Adopt some basic tools of managing a business
  • Consider a range of options before choosing a course of action
  • Formulate a basic business plan
  • Define and implement key objectives to deliver the plan.

Each of these only to the extent that is appropriate for each business.

The business owner always retains absolute responsibility for all business decisions.

Code of Conduct for Mentors

A mentoring programme will comprise a series of meetings between the Mentor and the business owner, usually at the business premises, supplemented by email and telephone correspondence. Key objectives for the business owner to action will be agreed and subsequently monitored.

Business mentoring is not meant to be a long term relationship (typically 6-12 months) and the Mentor will progressively withdraw as the business gains momentum.