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Alternative small business funding – what is it?

By January 15, 2016March 15th, 2019Advice, Business development, Funding, Small Business, Somerset

For many small business owners, or sole traders who might want to take their business to the  next level, funding options can seem incredibly confusing. Banks are not always ready to welcome small businesses, but there are other options for funding. Where banks have left the gap, other sources have moved quickly to fill the gap.

But how can you manoeuvre yourself through the financial jungle with enough knowledge to ensure you are quite sure what and how much you are signing up for?

To help you with these difficult decisions we have found a couple of articles that give you the basics and introduce you to the leading alternatives.

The first is from The Guardian, whose Small Business Network we have talked about on here before. Called simply A small business guide to alternative funding it offers some case studies, one of whom is in Exmoor, Somerset. Click here to read the whole article.

Secondly, has recently published an article called Alternative business funding: Choosing a lender which brings you right up to date with some of the biggest lenders. The whole article is available online here.

Of course, it is great to be able to talk the subject of funding over with someone in person and having a volunteer business mentor is not only for startups. If you are an established business in Somerset, wanting to take things further, do contact us on