Cornerstone is a Somerset-based organisation supplying free-of-charge, volunteer mentoring to small, pre and post start-up businesses.

To request a Cornerstone mentor, download the Application form, enter the requested information and email it to

When we have received your application you will be contacted by a Cornerstone mentor to arrange an initial meeting, at a venue that suits you both, the purpose of which is to profile and brain-storm your business ‘model’, plan or idea (actual or proposed).

Following this we will agree with you what further support may be required and what actions you need to take. In the case of a pre start-up (not yet trading) business, future support is likely to include some basic business and financial planning.

This initial mentoring programme may be extended by mutual agreement and continued for a period subject to regular review. In particular, a pre start-up business may extend the period of mentoring if / when it commences trading.


The Scope of Cornerstone Mentoring

Code of Conduct for Cornerstone Mentors

Application Form / Terms and Conditions of Service.

Note that the Application form includes Cornerstone Terms and Conditions of Service , there to ensure all parties understand the commitment involved and help you make the decision as to whether or not the mentoring arrangement will suit you. By submitting this form attached to your personal email we consider you to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Watch: Local businesses benefiting from Cornerstone Mentoring

To find out more about Cornerstone mentoring and what it could mean to your business, take a look at our short video and see what a difference it has made to three local businesses in three very different sectors.

Applying for a mentor

Download, complete, and return our Cornerston Mentor application form, and we’ll be in touch to arrange an initial meeting.

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I really appreciate the time and expertise, which is already proving a great help in developing some focus and strategic vision for my business.

R. Hardy

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